Wayde Van Niekerk

400m Olympic Champion and World Record Holder

“The reason why I decided to acquire a Grucox was because my strength and conditioning coach and I knew that it would be a valuable tool to some of our workouts for seasons to come.”

30% Improvement

Eccentric training is up to 30% more efficient than traditional modalities.

Cardiac Protective

Eccentric training is cardiac protective. You get a greater workout at lower heart rate

Burns more fat

Eccentric training burns more fat while using less oxygen.

Passive Motion

Eccentric Training enables passive motion - ideal for rehabilitation of damaged muscles and joints

Improves Muscle I.Q.

Eccentric training dramatically improves proprioception, which is a direct result of increased agonist volitional drive.


Eccentric training improves motor unit recruitement and increases muscle cross-sectional area.

Eccentric Exercise

The Grucox Technology

Athletes trained
Years of Research
I definitely feel stronger when cycling, are pain free most of the time, and my recovery after hard races is much quicker!
- Sean Stephenson
I started Grucox 3 times a week, and within 2 weeks I had no pain while running!
- Faizel Jacobs
I now find that the restrictive movement in my knees has all but disappeared and I am able to walk extensively with greater movement and no pain!
- Ed Chantler

Over a decade of research at the famous Sport Science Institute of South Africa.

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