The Business Case.

Grucox in your practice.


The Grucox Eccentric Trainer will become an indispensable part of any healthcare practice. Apart from the numerous advantages for your patient or athlete training on this apparatus, our advanced technology integration redefines patient/practitioner interaction.

All data collected with each training session is stored in a secure data warehouse, and is easily accessed online via this web portal.

Not only can each patient or athlete view and manage their own training performance, but you can access the complete training history profile of each of your patients or athletes. The secure on-line platform allows you, the instructor, to send personal messages to your athletes or patients.

Applications of this functionality includes training session reviews as well as scheduling of future sessions.

The multi-tier on-line platform also allows you, as the owner or manager, to monitor the performance of your personal trainers and assistants as well as to view and manage each individual patient.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Provide patients with a rehabilitation and high performance eccentric training facility
  • Add rehabilitation, injury prevention and high performance conditioning to your services
  • Augment your income stream with the “bill per session” business model
  • Medical Aid covers rehabilitation sessions
  • Interactive performance tracking results in satisfied and returning customers

How to acquire a Grucox Eccentric Trainer:

Please Contact us to find out more information about our purchase and rental options.