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The Grucox Team

Established in 2003, Grucox is a Medical Product Development company based at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Cape Town. We are passionate about research in field of sports medicine and strive to develop technologies that improve the neuromuscular function of patients and elite athletes alike.

The Grucox Eccentric Trainer is a product resulting from years of research in the field of orthopaedic medicine as well as the collaborative effort of our team of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and bio-medical engineers.

With our Reactive Muscle Conditioning Technologyâ„¢ we are changing the way the world views muscle conditioning. The product has been developed in cooperation with the Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic as well as the Sport Science Physiotherapy clinic. A long standing relationship with the Ajax Cape Town Football Club has allowed us to develop the product with concurrent feedback with regards to the needs of the customers.

At the Grucox Research Laboratory, also located at the Sport Science Institute, we work closely with patients and athletes to ensure that the Grucox Eccentric Trainer exceeds the expectations of customers.

Along with the Grucox Eccentric Trainer, a unique scoring protocol has also been developed to test and track the progress in neuromuscular function.